Climate change and biodiversity loss are existential risks to our ecosystems and achievement of all the SDGs – but industry and government are too slow to act and proposed actions are not inclusive and transparent enough. The issues and impacts we face are far-reaching and diverse – and yet so are the opportunities.

openCOP is a virtual event space that facilitates exploration, broader ecological awareness, and collective solidarities. Forum for Earth initiated openCOP as a co-created, interactive online gathering, envisioning, and sensemaking space, in November 2021, to bridge projects and voices beyond those present in Glasgow to the adjacent potential of decentralized and inclusive futures.

openCOP is dedicated to the organizations and thought leaders wanting to share work, ideas, and conversations with their wider communities, who give themselves and each other permission to act and author.

We discussed and envisioned futures involving: art and civic engagement, communicating the SDGs, blockchain and biodiversity, NFTs and LARPs, the purpose economy, climate data and policy, nested accounting and data interoperability, ocean ecologies, energy, spirituality, investing in decentralized systems, imaginations, fashion, circular economies, impact collectives, creative writing, and more…

Over a 50-hour period, discussions and performances were live-streamed, alongside videos, digital art, and projects, accessible through a world of online event venues created by our co-stewards, partners, and the wider impact-lab network.

See some of the recorded discussions from openCOP at

The next openCOP gathering will be co-created and taking place soon!

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